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26 days ago

11选五:Pedrosa announces retirement

One of the most successful riders of all time will hang up his leathers come the end of the year

河北十一选五玩法 Dani Pedrosa (Repsol Honda Team) has announced his retirement at the end of 2018. At 16:00 on Thursday at the German GP, the three-time World Champion ended speculation about his future and made the decision public, bringing an 18-year career to an end.

Pedrosa: "Next year I won't be competing in MotoGP?"

One of the most successful riders of all time, Pedrosa has the third most podiums, 54 wins and three World Championships to date before he prepares to hang up his leathers.

“Next year I won’t compete in the Championship, I’ll finish my career in MotoGP this season. It’s a decision I’ve thought about for a long time and it’s a hard decision because this is the sport I love but despite having good opportunities to keep racing, I feel like I don’t live racing with the same intensity as before and I now have different priorities in my life.

The end of an era: Pedrosa's 18 years racing

"I would like to express how fortunate I feel to have had this experience and these opportunities in my life, it’s been an amazing life to have been racing for such an important team and in front of all the fans. I achieved way more than I expected and I’m very, very proud of what I’ve done in the sport. I’ve fulfilled my dream of becoming a racer and that’s something that I didn’t expect when I was a kid watching TV, watching riders in the World Championship. I would like to take this time to say thanks to Dorna and to Honda for giving me this opportunity way back in 1999, and to all my sponsors who’ve been with me throughout my career. I would like also to say thanks to my family, and to all the fans who supported me throughout my career and through the thick and thin, who helped me sending so many messages to overcome difficult things in the past.”

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